Primobolan Depot Results

By now, you should already have a fairly good idea of the Primobolan Depot results from the rest of this site; however, as is common people often want specifics. People want to know things like how much weight can be gained, how ripped will they be or how strong will they get. These are all common questions, and were sorry to tell you they are impossible questions to answer. We have no way of predicting your individual response to any hormone; further, we dont know what your diet or training looks like or what other anabolic agents you may be taking. Even so, when it comes to Primobolan Depot results, we can give you a generalized idea of what to expect should you follow sound training, dieting and supplementation practices. It must be noted; as we discuss Primobolan Depot results, we are largely assuming all things are perfect, and cannot take into account anything you do improperly or a poor genetic response you may display.

Primary Primobolan Depot Results:

The primary Primobolan Depot results largely surround the enhancement of tissue preservation, an enhanced metabolic atmosphere and even actually fat burning. For this reason, the best time to supplement with this steroid will always be during a cutting phase. With such use, you will burn more fat than you would otherwise while simultaneously holding onto much more lean tissue that would otherwise be lost due to the necessary caloric deficit. As a result, you will be leaner with more lean muscle tissue on your frame, and the end result is a more pleasing physique staring back at you in the mirror. It should be noted; Primobolan Depot results in decent strength preservation as well, and this can be a welcomed trait when dieting. Theres no way to predict how great this preservation will be, and the harder you diet the more strength youre going to lose, but you will remain stronger than without.

Primobolan Depot Results in Testosterone Suppression:


While weve already discussed this a little, the myth surrounding Primo and testosterone suppression is so great we must look at it again. As you know, most anabolic steroids suppress natural testosterone production to a degree, and suppression can vary greatly depending on the steroid youre using. For example, Nandrolone is as suppressive as it can get, but the Oxandrolone hormone is rather mild in its suppressive nature. As for Primo, supplementation by any man of Primobolan Depot results in a 50% reduction of natural testosterone production, and in most cases, this means a low testosterone condition will occur if exogenous testosterone is not applied. For some reason, because Primo truly is a mild steroid many assume its not suppressive or only slightly suppressive, but a 50% reduction is not what wed call mild by any means. For this reason, as Primobolan Depot results in a significant decrease of natural testosterone production, all men are encouraged to include exogenous testosterone when supplementing with primo.

Female Primobolan Depot Results:

The results with this steroid for females can be quite different than men as they are far more sensitive than men; its still mild on the basis of side effects, but its anything but mild when it comes to positive attributes. This is a steroid that can result in extremely rewarding tissue gains during the off-season; far more rewarding than for a man due to a females increased sensitivity. Further, it appears to be even more powerful in-regard to cutting results in females, especially if coupled with Anavar or Human Growth Hormone. Of course, Primobolan Depot results can also get very nasty if use is not short lived; if you supplement with no regard for your femininity virilization will occur.