Primobolan Depot Dosage

As with all anabolic steroids, you need to the right dose to obtain the right results, but when it comes to a Primobolan Depot dosage it becomes even more important. For one reason or another, this is actually an anabolic steroid many men don't take enough of, and that's a rarity. When it comes to most anabolic steroids, it's not uncommon to see far more taken than is actually needed, but a Primobolan Depot dosage is a unique situation. How or why this has occurred is anyone's guess; after all, we know it's a mild steroid, but perhaps it's because of the legend that surrounds it discussed in the profile section as well as a plethora of steroid message board misinformation. At any rate, we want to take a look at the right Primobolan Depot dosage, doses for men and women, and in doing so find the right Primobolan Depot dosage for you.

Male Primobolan Depot Dosage:

For any notable anabolic activity, the minimum Primobolan Depot dosage for the male performance enhancer will be approximately 350mg to 400mg per week. This is what it's going to take if you're going to receive the desired nitrogen enhancement and lipolysis traits, and this truly is the bottom end dose; it's not going to produce dramatic results. When it comes to a more effective Primobolan Depot dosage, most men will find 500mg to 600mg per week to be far more worthwhile; however, this steroid can easily run $8 to $9 per 100mg, maybe even a little more, and that's going to put a dent in your wallet; $10 per 100mg is not uncommon. Can a larger Primobolan Depot dosage be used, sure, but it's going to be expensive, and the odds of a DHT buildup that could lead to prostate issues makes such doses normally not advised unless for short periods of time. At any rate, this is a steroid that can be used for long periods of time, but based on the reasons for use most will find 8 to 10 weeks to be all they need.

Female Primobolan Depot Dosage:


When it comes to a female Primobolan Depot dosage, they won't need near as much as men; after all, they are far more sensitive. Further, if they use too much, as we saw in the side effects section this can be extremely problematic as it pertains to virilization. For most women, 100mg per week is all the Primo they will ever need; 125mg could be played with if you enjoyed a positive response, but it's normally not recommended as the risk is far too great. If more is wanted beyond the 100mg per week range, your best bet will be adding in additional anabolic hormones and not more Primobolan Depot. As for the total duration of use, most women will find 4 to 5 weeks to be perfect and all the Primo they will ever need with at least a 4 week break in-between use.